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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Felipe Magno de Almeida, founder of Expertise Solutions more than 15 years ago, is here to lead the way.

Felipe’s own deep-rooted commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client sets the tone for the entire organization.

At Expertise Solutions, we go beyond the contracted scope. Felipe and his team delve into the root causes of your challenges, questioning and continually reassessing whether our approach is effectively addressing your issues. Our priority is to align expectations and maximize client satisfaction.

We aren’t your typical software factory; we’re more of a boutique service. We take the time to truly understand your problem and collaboratively construct a customized solution. Each project starts with a deep-dive led by Felipe, ensuring we fully comprehend the challenges at hand before crafting our approach.

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Developing software for over 15 years, serving companies and organizations worldwide.

Felipe is one of the best professionals I've worked with. His magic in advanced (and modern) C++ constructs helps the team to build a transpiler for a small-set of CORBA specification using template programming. His solution was stunning in performance and memory footprint, far way better than traditional CORBA C++ implementations and far simpler to developers use it. [...]

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Amadeu Barbosa Jr.

INTELIE by Viasat

Felipe is one of the skilled, professional software engineers I've ever met before. If I say “professional”, it doesn’t mean just qualified skills at working. You might have an experience where one skilled man gave you an “impressive” feeling while working together. I'd like to say that's more close to the level of “professional”. We worked together on open-source projects. [...]

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Hermet Park

Motion Design & Graphics

Felipe did tackle some really hard problem in C, C++ and C# when we worked together and was quick to figure out proper solution even in domain he didn't know before hand. He is also a great team player and I will definitively recommend working with him for any kind of software development work.

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Cedric Bail

Fyne Labs

Felipe has a deep understanding of how computers work and he is one of the most skilled C++ programmers that I have ever met. He can develop solutions with a high degree of engineer applied to them in embedded or non-embedded systems.

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Ricardo Cosme

Optify Online

Felipe is one of the best software architects I worked with, he is very intelligent, and with a deep knowledge of C/C++. I recommend for sure.

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Larry Lira


Felipe is just the most knowledgeable in C++ person I know. If that wasn't enough, knows deeply about several APIs and libraries in C and C++, specially from Is also an extraordinary programmer with Generic Programming and to finally is the only person I know that is comfortable doing Template Meta Programming.

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Rodrigo GCanellas


These are some of our jobs:

Experience and professionalism, serving large companies and renowned organizations around the world


About Myself

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Over 16 years ago, I stepped into the world of consulting and eventually, seven years back, built a dedicated team at Expertise Solutions for OpenSource development and consulting. We specialize in web applications, embedded software, and all things OpenSource or Linux related.

As the team leader, I not only guide and create proposals but also relish the joy of coding. This passion started in my childhood, at age 7, with BASIC programming on an MSX computer. Programming, for me, is a gateway to boundless creativity and I continue to be driven by this zeal for in-depth understanding and expertise in my work.


We are here to create customized and tailored solutions!


We contribute to several OpenSource projects and itegrate their communitioes. We advise you to go through the consultancy before starting a software development project, so that we can guide you in the best directions. Learn more


We make different projects communicate, through systems integration strategies, using the best structure and intelligent construction of the code.


Already know you need to hire a software developer? Our team of professionals has specialists in several areas, to deliver the best solution with excellence and on time.


If you need specialists in software maintenance, for a solution that already exists in your company, our team works by optimizing the tools and avoiding problems.

A planning meeting

My team and I are ready
to take care of your project too!

Whether you’re seeking software developers for back-end or front-end tasks, my name is Felipe Magno de Almeida, and I welcome you to Expertise Solutions!

We operate with a rigorous commitment to quality, with processes designed to ensure only the best results. Our teams are multidisciplinary, employing agile practices that allow us to adapt and excel in our work. Our expertise in software development is supplemented by user-focused, friendly design, meaning our solutions are not just efficient but also intuitive.

Through diligent analysis and management, we ensure that our approach is tailored perfectly to your needs. Welcome to Expertise Solutions, where your vision meets our expertise!


Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin and much more:

We take on fullstack development projects,
and we solve your problem regardless of the path!

iOS and Android apps

We develop native
and hybrid applications

APIs and Integrations

between systems

Web Systems

We develop responsible systems
with high security and speed.

UX/UI Design

Flows, prototypes, layouts and clickable mockups, focusing on user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We use TensorFlow and OpenCV, and we integrate with different devices via IoT.

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