EFL is a graphical user interface library focused on performance and multi-language usage. This library is used heavily by Tizen operating system, for example.

One important aspect of EFL’s implementation is that it is built as a scene graph. Which means that it only re-renders parts that are modified on the screen. This is specially important for embedded hardware which lacks a proper GPU and graphical acceleration, but it also helps keep higher frame rates in animations when using OpenGL and other acceleration options.

Expertise Solutions contribution’s is big. We’ve developed automatic generation for its C++, JavaScript and C# APIs. We’ve contributed too with API interfaces, object-oriented design, bug fixes and many more with thousands of commits.

Our first contribution was the development of the C++ binding for EFL. EFL is written in C and its native API is also in C. C language is good in lots of ways, however it lacks the higher level abstraction that C++ offers.

We strove for a simple API and automatic resource management. Creating a window and a calendar widget is as simple as:

   efl::ui::Win win;
   win.text_set("Calendar Getters Example");

   efl::ui::Calendar cal(instantiate, win);

EFL has been chosen for Tizen Operating System because of its performance. If you are interested in using EFL and need support, let us know.